Friday, 26 August 2011

swing low, sweet saloon doors....

These are our saloon doors (leading to the bathroom):

You'll note that one of the doors is on the ground. This is where it fell when I knocked it with my knee while vacuuming last weekend. What followed was an unenthusiastic debate between Kym and I about whether we should put one door back up (which would take effort) or take the other door down (which would also take effort).

I should note that these doors came with the house from the previous owners. We did not put them in ourselves and we have never really liked them (except for the initial novelty of seeing people's faces the first time they see them). After a two-week stalemate, I finally decided on taking 'the other door' down. Yes, this required slightly more effort, but the outcome was much more satisfying. It took a total of two minutes.

In the interests of sustainable living, I bagged the hinges and screws and put them outside, with the doors, in the hope of reusing them (or handing to a new owner).

What weird treasures have previous owners left in your house?


  1. our previous owners left their xrays in the bedroom wardrobe!

  2. I have a computer generated cartoon Einstein on my toilet door, and a framed poster of "why'd the chicken cross the road?" jokes as said by famous people on the toilet wall...something to read I guess?
    They're coming down as soon as I move in! :P

  3. he hee love it ladies! I'm actually feeling a bit ripped off with the saloon doors now! Kind of wish they were a little bit weirder!


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