Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Erik The Great Turns 30

Well, I briefly PS'd it in a recent post and as promised I'm back with more info on the fantastic weekend we had with Erin & Erik Bear to celebrate Erik Bear's 30th birthday.

After a very romantic night, some new bling and a new fiance on Thursday night, Kym and I jet-setted our in-love little selves over to Canberra for a pre-planned weekend visit to the Bears. It was exactly what we needed and the perfect weekend away with Bears who are very dear to our hearts.

Erik Bear had big shoes to fill, following Kym's 30th in February, but I can promise you he sure filled them (to the point of my 'fat jeans' being unzipped on the trip home).

On the Friday night he gave me a new appreciation for beer at Wig & Pen, followed by some ace Chinese food (hint: the best way to tell the quality of a Chinese restaurant is always by the salt and pepper beancurd. Trust me: if they don't even have it on the menu, leave).

On Saturday morning we drove 2 hours out of Canberra to Murringo, staying in a super affordable and super adorable house in the middle of farmland. What took place then, was two days and nights of eating cheese, drinking wine, eating gourmet home-cooked meals, drinking wine, eating cake (oh the cake), drinking port, sleeping, eating fried breakfast, drinking wine, eating cheese and bread (while drinking wine), napping, drinking wine, eating gourmet home-cooked meals, napping, eating fried breakfast, eating McDonalds Shaker Fries, napping....

No really. I just gave you every detail of the weekend... Well... I may have missed out some naps.

It was G.O.L.D. (as Erik Bear would say, on our basketball hoop, in gold paint, two years go). I could have stayed for a month! I remembered how much I need sun and friends in my life and how important it is to take a step back from reality every now and then to 'be'.

Sooooooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIK BEAR! It was both a fantastic weekend, and an honour to celebrate with you (even if we did gatecrash).

Kate xx


  1. Sounds absolutely divine! Yes a good reminder that we need to have good timeout for ourselves! Glad you had a great weekend...
    And what is that cake! It looks DELICIOUS! I wanna know! Tell me now! xx

  2. He hee! It's a pistachio sponge (gluten free so almond meal instead of flour) with chocolate ganache (?) and MORE pistachios! THEN there was a macaroon on top!

  3. who made the cake looks awesome? Sounds like a great break!

  4. it came from a french patisserie in Canberra :) super yum!


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