Monday, 23 May 2011

The Happiness Files: New book smell

Vintage BEANO comic journal
Vintage BEANO Comic Journal by the paper garden

I love that new book smell. It’s all I can do not to ravish a book with my nose. Officeworks has to do nothing but spray a mist of “new book smell” as I enter the door and I’m theirs for the next half hour. Buying notepads. Stationary. Highlighters. Post. It. Notes.


That felt really good.

Better yet. The sight of old books. With notes scribbled in them by previous owners. Old books with yellowed pages and missing chapters. Old books with names like Betty and Sue and gold writing on the cover.

It’s enough to send a girl insane. 

Vintage Pair of Books for a Writer
Vintage Pair of Books by Scarlet Begonia Vintage

What's in your Happiness File today? 

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  1. Ohhhhh I love OLD book smell! I just love old books wondering how many people have held it in their hands?


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