Thursday, 10 March 2011

Shingles Update

Well, the shingles saga continues... Although I must say, a much bigger concern is the cabin fever I have caught since being quarantined last Friday. I long for touch and conversation, but sadness for me, Kym has never had chicken pox so he's staying clear, and my wonderful friends can only spend so long giving me pity parties...

So, what have I been up to? Well, there has been a lot of tea, reading, bad television... I've also done some gardening and been working on some new art.

I've learnt a few things, too...
  1. I need to learn to stop. No really, I do. After a day of feeling almost well, I took myself out to ikea for some frames and people watching. By the time I was done I was exhausted! It reminded me of something a friend told me a long time ago, which I really should have adhered too: 'When you don't want to do anything, push yourself to do just one thing, and when you want to do everything, just stop". 
  2. Roses should be pruned 50% of their height and 50% of their stalks. (Thanks, Gardening Australia).
  3. Women who go braless in public should not be judged or stared at. They are just as aware as you are that their dignity is wobbling and pointing around, and besides, they might have shingles.
  4. The days are long, but the years are short, so make the most of it. 
  5. There is more food in your kitchen pantry than you think.
So tell me, what is happening in the real world? This secluded soul must know!

Kate xxx


  1. Poor thing! Just remember I'm around if you need some tea & sympathy!
    What's going on in the real world? - grocery shopping, toddler playing & dishes - you're missing lots of exciting stuff!

  2. lol love point number 3 !!!!!! you crack me up
    and that little movie at point 4 is really lovely... you always find thought provoking things i know the 2 months spent with bub already has flown
    real world over here? another visitor stayed with us, but its pretty much the same as'evie dear' above :)
    hope you get some affection soon!!!


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