Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Happiness Files: Morning

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I’m a morning person. Not the get-out-of-bed-at-5am-to-run-ten-kilometres morning person. I’m the start-the-day-by-getting-things-done morning person. I like waking up on a Saturday and cleaning the house, washing the sheets and clothes and drinking a cup of tea all before lunch. I’m the morning person who, if they don’t start their day well, loses all motivation for the rest of it (just ask my boss).

Some people prefer the night (Kym included) because it means their responsibilities are finished and they can relax. I like the morning because it’s a fresh start. I like the morning because it gives me an opportunity to make a new choice in a new day. I like the morning because the sun is sleepy and the birds are waking. I like the morning for the dew, the breeze, the opening of curtains and the boiling kettle. I like mornings because I feel like I’m being let in on something no one else knows because they’re still asleep. I like mornings because it reminds me there are thing in life, like the colours in a good sunrise, that exist solely for their beauty.

What's your favourite time of day? 

Kate xxx


  1. morning also - same reasons - no good start means crappy day, lack of motivation etc....
    for a productive morning i also need to not turn the computer on (because i get side tracked) and i must have a shower to get refreshed and wake up
    Kate you will be proud I've managed to go into town being out the door by 10:30am... Janeen 3 Weird Baby schedule 27 lol
    PS I'm so jealous of all your blogs... I can never think of anything to write about lately however you always seem to find something even if its hankies!! lol.. I need to get my brain back on track its full of baby baby baby
    Anyway... slightly off track

    yes mornings, mornings are good
    (except for the squawking cockatoos!)

  2. Good work getting out of the house earlier! You'll beat that baby timezone yet!

  3. I used to be a morning person... but I dont know why but Now I'm always tired and want to sleep late in the morning!! But I have to change that! Just reading you made me remember how nice is the morning!!! I'll work on it! :)



    ps: It is always nice to read your blog! :) and sorry for my english.. :P

  4. Your English is fine! Love hearing from you xxx


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