Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jammy-jam, jam, jam, jammy-jam-jam, jammy, jammy jaaaaaam

The title of this post is essentially what I was singing as I whipped up plum jam with the end of our plums for the season.

I started by picking mountains of plums from the tree:

I rinsed (some of ) the plums in white vinegar and water:

I cut them up (not very well), removed the seeds and added some sugar:

Finally I cooked it on the stove until the mixture was satisfactorily gluggy:

Kym put the jam in jars (the boiling water, glass and tongs thing is all a little too much for me):


Then we cleaned up... at which point the song changed slightly to "Jammy-jam, jammy-jammy-effing-jam-jam, effing jam-jam..."

Want some? 

Kate xxx


  1. My parents would quite enjoy some home made jam. Please put some aside for me :-D

  2. i had your jam on toast the other day - yummo!

  3. wow kate wow! i do not eat plum jam but it sure looks great you clever cookie


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