Friday, 7 January 2011

Wine 1: Kate 0

Remember this party? Well here's the collateral damage.

Red wine. An entire glass all over my lounge room floor.

Here's what we tried to clean it with (over the period of 4 days):

  • salt
  • boiling water
  • bicarb & vinegar
  • orange power
  • another carpet stain remover that I can't remember

And still. There she lies.

So, before calling in the reinforcements (which we will no doubt do very soon) I'd like to know: Do you have any secret gems that remove evil stains from beautiful carpets?

Kate xxx


  1. The stain remover was called 'Oops!' which is far from what I said when I spilled the glass of wine. And it seems that while the 'Oops!' did lessen the intesity of the stain, it also spred it to surrounding areas as I mopped up the suds :(
    Feel free to call in the reinforcements and I'll forward you the $$$ along with the promise to stay out of the carpeted areas of your home while intoxicated :)

  2. Oh Kendelle, I'm sure 'Oops' was the last thing on your mind! Am def thinking of calling my friendly cleaner this week and also considering floorboards. Love you xxx

  3. You may have set the stain by your vigourous attempts at cleaning... Ive heard of soda water on a wine spill (before it becomes a stain)...
    A little too late now to test this so I am not very helpful...
    Mum and I suggest reinforcements

  4. hmmmm I really think we did! Must call soon... must call soon...


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