Friday, 3 December 2010

The wise man who once said

You know the old saying "A wise man once said..."? I'd like to introduce you to the wise man.

Meet Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, an Aussie bloke with the answers you need. Dr Karl (as the Australian public know him) has written 30 books, blogs, currently features on the beloved radio station Triple J and has his own show, to name a few of the places you can find him. He's been around for yonks (Australian scientific term for "a long time") and he makes learning fun.

Kym, a couple of friends, and I saw him speak on Wednesday night as part of his tour for his new book "Curious & Curiouser" and nearly died laughing, and then again nearly died learning. As someone who shuts off when a chart appears or the words "the law of..." are mentioned, I can honestly say that Dr Karl makes it easy, and even enjoyable to learn. His key message (aside from charting his decreased untrustworthiness according to his ranking in an annual Readers Digest special) was debunking the myths against green energy and making a case for a new green energy grid in Australia. If Kym and I needed any more convincing to get solar power at our home, he provided it.

If you're interested in facts (instead of another opinion) about social and environmental issues or need help making your mind up about something, head over to Dr Karl's website. You'll find loads of information and many laughs.

Kate xxx

Posing with the wise man. Insert warm, fuzzy feelings here.


  1. Hey Kate you won the crochet book over on my blog, email me your details,
    Cath xx

  2. Yay :) Thanks Cath, will send details through now xx

  3. How did you find out about that?

  4. Most council libraries hold regular author speeches and signings- this one was through Marion, but you could look it up on your local Council website, it's probably somewhere under Libraries or Events- otherwise a visit to your local never goes astray!


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