Monday, 6 December 2010

Button Heaven

Hi lovelies,

Just thought you should know... I'm in Button Heaven right now. I've just had my grandmothers sewing box handed down to me and it was bursting with ribbons, fabrics and BUTTONS! So many buttons!

I'm dreaming up all the projects I can use them for... cushions, Christmas decorations, jewellery.... This mish-mash of buttons is officially my new treasure!

Where's your heaven right now?

Kate xxx


  1. I love buttons too. I'll have to post a pic on my blog of my collection. I have slowly expanded my collection from markets you can always find someone trying to get rid of wonderful buttons too.

  2. Just letting you know I did do a blog about buttons told you I would here is the link:
    :-) Kim
    Thanks for the inspiration for my blog post

  3. Oh Jealous! What a wonderful hand me down surprise! Now make sure you make some of these button project dreams into reality! I love the old tins too!
    My heaven right now? Would be to get a foot massage and a cool (temp wise) house!

  4. Awh shucks guys! Kim, so glad I could inspire :)

  5. I will have more buttons for your collection when you come to collect more treasures as we attempt the big clear out before the move to our new heavenly home!


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