Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Happiness Files: My Friend Peph

I met Steph (aka Peph) when working as a concierge at a shopping complex. We shared a love for short, fair & ugly men and making fun of uptight fashion shoppers. Peph is one of those people that always ensures you feel like the most important person in the world.

This week I came across a couple of notes she wrote to me while we were working together. I placed them in a wooden box where I keep all my treasures. Even on the worst of days the box makes me smile. 

What do you treasure?

Kate xxx


  1. Thanks Sweet Berry! I feel very special. Have enjoyed reading your blog and it has inspired me to write more myself.

    Today was my final day at Westfield, so I have been doing a lot of reflecting! Can't believe how much time has passed, but am glad to make a clean break (can cross that resolution off the list too!).

    Like you, I have also retained many a note, card or drawing given to me over the years. Even during a recent clean out, I couldn't bring myself to ditch those cheesy keepsakes.

    I wouldn't say I'm as materialistic as I used to be, however I do still treasure my handbags, shoes and Golden Girls dvd collection (my biggest guilty pleasure *blushes*). More than anything though, I treasure genuine people and laughter. It's what makes the world go round after all.

    I'm proud to call you a pal.

    Love always,

    Peph xoxo

  2. Peph you make me smile :) Can't wait to hear about the upcoming adventures and will miss you until I do xxx


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