Monday, 13 September 2010

TED Talks: Why you should visit this site

Today I want to tell you about a website that I have loved for some time. TED. TED is a non profit organisation committed to pushing boundaries and sharing ideas in three areas: Technology, Entertainment & Design. The website provides free access to kazillions (by which I mean "a-hell-of-a-lot-more-than-I-can-count-or-remember") of speeches on different topics that you can view anytime, anywhere.

I've watched a few now, and have found all to be interesting, entertaining and inspiring/challenging. I figure I am capable of providing such an outstanding report because, unlike the wonderful Kym, who loves, LOVES, to learn and share what he learns with others, I am a lazy learner. I have a short attention span. I tune out unless a joke is cracked every 2 minutes or so. I get bored watching people who just stand there- I need movement. I am easily confused and require simple and few key points to take away. I judge people on their voice and flick the station as soon as I hear something that drones or squeaks.

I am the perfect candidate to promote websites, journals and speeches that aim to teach, because I don't enjoy being taught.

Those more accustomed to learning may not think TED is scream-from-the-rooftops amazing, but for those of us who are a hard buy when it comes to being more aware of the things around us and how we can respond to them, TED is a fantastic place to get going.

Link to the site is here. If you are overwhelmed as to where to start, I highly recommend talks by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) on nurturing creativity, and Nic Marks (statisician) on the happy planet index.


Kate xx

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