Sunday, 5 September 2010

Spring Is Here!

I realise spring officially started 5 days ago, but now I believe it's true. All our fruit trees are budding... It started with our almond, then peach (both recently planted, confirming they were still alive), followed by the plum, and now the apricot. They brighten my post-winter garden and make me smile.

And now what I want to know is, when do you know it's spring? 


  1. When you feel the warmth of sun on your pale winter skin you realise mother earth is warming up... (and then justice the soursobs die! yes!)

  2. Today I had the back-door & windows open & popped my washing in the sun - yes its spring!

  3. Oooh both good ones! Evie dear, I had the same experience on Sunday- the first day in months I had all the doors and windows open, hung the washing in the sun AND spent some time out there. Bliss.


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