Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Happiness Files: Brownies

Weekly posts about the little things in life that make me happy…

Welcome to the inaugural Happiness File. In a bid to take myself out of auto pilot to reflect and smile, each Saturday I will be writing about one thing in my life that makes me happy. This week it’s brownies.

After many weeks of promising to join the Lovely Ladies of the Library for morning tea, this Friday I finally made it. Thursday I popped in and told them of my grand plans to create healthy brownies and was given pounds of useful advice. I went about making it on Thursday night and strutted into the Library kitchen so my brownies could take place with the other prized snacks.

It’s amazing what food and a few cups of tea can do to bring a group of women together. I had a lovely time chatting and listening in on their staff meeting and learning new recipes. It was a perfect start to my Friday.

Thanks to all the Lovely Ladies of the Library for welcoming me, I’m stoked that my brownies made the cut!

Now it’s your turn… What makes you happy?

Kate xxx

PS. Healthy Brownies: I used a Woman’s Weekly recipe and replaced the plain flour with wholemeal, the milk chocolate with 70% dark chocolate and the butter with olive oil. I also added some plain yogurt to add a little creaminess. Oh, and I never make brownies without adding a little spice. This time it was ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.


  1. oh oh! my brownies on the weekend weren't healthy like yours!

  2. he hee... you'd be surprised. They were still just as many WW 'points' as regular ones... But still tasted great, and a good alternative for the dairy intolerant! (insert the lovely Kym here)


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