Monday, 10 March 2014

colour on the front door: dulux mexican retreat

Holy crapola! I haven't posted anything on the blog for over a month. Why didn't you tell me?

I've been nagging at Kym for the last couple of years about a gut wrenching desire to paint our front door 'something fun'. The problem wasn't convincing Kym the door needed a paint job, it was sticking to a decision for more than a week.

Here's what the front door has looked like since we moved in almost six years (!) ago: 

In true Kate fashion, I stumbled between every colour of the rainbow until the decision was made for me.

We recently bought 4L of exterior paint in Dulux Mexican Retreat for the backyard retaining walls and our new hen house. These are both well on the way, but not quite polished enough to share on the interwebs. Turns out 4L of paint was more than twice as much as I needed for these projects, so I had enough to paint the front door. Decision made.  

Our front door faces North-West, so the light changes throughout the day, and as the 'Mexican Retreat' is a darker orange, it looks closer to red in shadow and closer to a bright, almost light orange in the sunlight. Exactly what this unable-to-make-a-decision girl needed. 

It may be a little retro for some, but for a couple of people who live for everything old-school, the colour is just right.

Over time, I'll be repainting all our eaves, gutters and door/window frames in the same Namadji we've been using on the retaining wall project (the door frame won't be staying government-green forever).  

What colour is your front door? Are you a fan of bold door colours, or do you stick with the classics?

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