Wednesday, 25 September 2013

rogue vegetables: a little neglect goes a long way

We've been neglecting the vegetable garden while we finish the retaining walls. Turns out, the key to growing an abundance of vegetables is to let them grow freely. There are rogue vegetables everywhere I look (amongst the weeds). The garden looks awful, but productive! 

We've got rocket growing like a weed (which is great to see, as it takes up room where other weeds have been growing happily on their own). 

There's also potato growing where we've thrown food-waste to our chickens, and spring onions resurrecting in the existing garden beds, after being dormant for a year. 

We've even got lettuce and parsley growing on our make-shift retaining wall

I haven't posted about the retaining wall progress in a while, because I'm waiting to finish another wall, which with a bit of sun this weekend and early next week should be ready to show soon!

I've also been a little quiet on blog-land because I've been lost for words with our current political climate. When I calm down enough to construct a sentence, I'll be sure to share a little of what's happening in Australian policy, and my thoughts.

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  1. We had serendipitous parsley appear in our veggie patch! I suspect some seeds fell in with some of our Diggers club seeds. Not complaining!!


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