Wednesday, 10 July 2013

before and after: new-old fabric for kitchen stools

We've been using these old school stools at our breakfast bar since we moved in. At that time, I painted the bases brown and made some removable covers. The elastic on the old covers finally 'carked it' as we Aussies would say, so new covers were needed. 

The thought of dragging out the sewing machine (and worse, making a 'special trip' to Spotlight for new elastic) just seemed like too much to ask my winter hibernating self, so instead, I rounded up some fabric I had previously removed from the 30's couches as well as the staple gun (my favourite tool) and stapled the fabric straight over the seats. 

I still need to cover the staples (which will, one day, require a trip to Spotlight, but not any time soon!), but it's great to use the vintage fabric we already had! 


  1. Wow Kate, these are fabulous! I love the composition of the fabric with the different tones and shades. :)


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