Sunday, 16 June 2013

first wedding anniversaries... what can happen in a year?

As I alluded to in this post, Kym and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary! I'd heard from a lot of people "The first year of marriage is the hardest", and it was certainly a difficult year, but for problems arising outside of our relationship.

In the last twelve months, I broke my ankle, left my job and took six months off to re-energise. Kym has had an intense year at work and returned to study. It was a tough year, but it reminded us of the need to take time for one another and focus on the good things. I'm finally getting used to my new surname, but still find myself referring to Kym as my 'partner' instead of 'husband' (it's still a conscious novelty to use the 'H' word).  It's good to have someone to share the good and the bad with.

What was your first year of marriage like? Did anything change? 


  1. I think the people that say that the first year is the hardest are the generation that left their parental home for their marital home and had to deal with bills, chores, budgets and cooking for the first time in their lives. I found our first couple of years easy. Add baby, now there is a challenge and a half!

    1. I totally agree- I think the stress of living with someone is different when you've already lived out of your family home, whether it be with a few housemates or a special someone. The learning curve is fast, and if you've worked through a lot of the practicalities, by the time marriage comes, you're pretty ready for it!


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