Monday, 8 April 2013

me first: saying 'no' to the small stuff

I've entered a 'good kind of busy' period. Balancing part-time work and study is a new busy for me and I'm slowly learning to switch my focus between priorities and finding my peace in the midst of it. In my last post, I talked about how I'm learning the art of finding the right 'pace' and remembering to 'switch out' of busy when I need it. 

I'm learning to start with 'me time', add on the 'big rocks' of home duties, work and study and add all the other 'stuff' last. At times it feels strange, because I'm so used to functioning on a 'me time comes last' basis, but in learning to say 'no' to the other 'stuff', I'm finding that I value it so much more when I say 'yes', because I'm not lacking 'me time' and my 'big rocks' are under control. 

How much priority do you give to the 'stuff' in your life? Could you use a rejig of priorities? 

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