Tuesday, 19 March 2013

dining cabinet love: new doorknobs from the supercool

Thank you Heidi over at One Small Orchard for introducing me to The SuperCool in your comment on this post! Our recently painted dining cabinet has been adorned with some new-to-me vintage ceramic doorknobs. I feel like the doorknobs are beautiful buttons for the Blue Ink dress.

The ceramic doorknobs add to the playful-vintage theme across our house and match the Blue Ink of the cabinet and wood-panel wall perfectly, so I'm now saying another huge thanks to Kate & Noonie over at The SuperCool for managing to gather nine matching (and gorgeous) door knobs for me! The doorknobs were only $5 each, and postage was $5 all up, totalling $50 (9 knobs + postage).  Wahooot! The dining space is finally starting to make sense!


  1. Kate, it looks amazing!! you should be very proud of your handywork!

    1. Thanks Laura! I'm LOVING this little corner of the house now... it's been so very neglected so it's lovely to now see some effort and care there. The DIY always trumps the buy when it comes to house pride for us!

  2. just beautiful. I'm loving the mustard chairs and that blue together!


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