Wednesday, 13 March 2013

before and after: two shades of grey

After living in our home for almost five years, I've finally painted the bedroom, in not one, but two shades of grey (jumping on the home reno referencing awful trilogies bandwagon).

When we moved here, our home was adorned with an array of unsavoury freezes on the walls, and the main bedroom was not spared. Note the salmon pink with pale bluey-green curtains (you can't see in the photo but the freeze was of blue and pink roses):

After a few months I tore off the freeze, and progress was halted until a couple of weeks ago. Here's what it was looking like BEFORE I painted:

And... Here is what the room looks like NOW:

The colour is Dulux 'Milton Moon' (more on why I choose Dulux here). As for the 'fifty shades' reference, I ran out of paint with two walls to go and the second paint can was slightly different to the first (you can't really tell by the photos, but I know... I know).

I'm really happy with the result and looking forward to doing more updates to the room, now that we have our base colour sorted (including hanging some wedding bunting above the bed and hanging new curtains).


  1. Kate, I LOVE the grey! there is so much you'll be able to do with this space now. And you can constantly rearrange because so many cool colours go with grey! xoxo

    1. Thanks Lou-ba-de-lee :) I'm very excited to throw in some yellows- one of my favourite colour combo's!


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