Thursday, 28 February 2013

pinterest challenge: tie-up curtains for the office

After two years of being inspired by the Pinterest Challenge posts on Young House Love, I've finally found motivation and jumped on Shelly's "get on it" bandwagon.

The task: to finally adorn my naked office window with a curtain.

The inspiration: DIY No Sew Curtains by Suzie at The Accent Piece, found via Apartment Therapy.

The challenge: due to a current lack of discretionary income, my curtains needed to only use items I already had lying around the house, which also meant I had to sew my no-sew curtain as I didn't have any iron-on adhesive!

The outcome: Ironically, I used the same two curtains I took down from the window 12 months ago! The curtains originally sat at floor length and together were the perfect width for the window. I sewed the two curtains together and hemmed them to the desired length, threw them on the (far too long but I'll have to deal with it) curtain rod and voila! A new curtain!  I then tied them up with a couple of shoe laces due to a lack of pretty ribbons in the house, at which point I'd like to say: Kym, sorry (but not really) for stealing your shoe laces. You'll get them back when I find ribbon I like.

The lessons: 1) You really can improve your home on-the-cheap. 2) Hoarders may just be onto something. 3) Re-use before you shop. It'll save money, time and unnecessary waste.

I'm looking forward to eventually recovering my office chair and painting the walls to something a little moodier (perhaps a mid-tone grey... or when Kym isn't looking, blue ink). Following that I'll likely dye the fabric to hide. the. flowers. Looking at the picture, I may also re-hem the curtain down the line as it seems to be an inch too long! (I'll see how much it bothers me first)

Have you ever actually completed a project you've pinned? Aside from a few wedding ideas I pinned, I think this is my first!

Be sure to pop over to Young House Love, Decor And The Dog, Bower Power  and The Remodeled Life for more pinterest challenge inspiration! If you dare, follow me on Pinterest!


  1. I really love the simplicity of this. I have been meaning to make some drop down blinds for my windows to replace our 1960's verticals, yet this could be a quick and easy alternative!

    1. Thanks Michelle, I can definitely recommend it as a quick and simple fix for any window- it's worked a charm and softens the 'harsh' squareness of the window


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