Friday, 12 October 2012

the fab (foodie) four

tomato puree I preserved for pasta nights!

Here are my absolute favourite foodie blogs to read through:

  • My New Roots provides mountains upon mountains delicious recipes made with whole ingredients- so good you'll forget they are healthy! 
  • 101 Cookbooks is a recipe journal of one cookbook lover who decided to stop  buying so many cookbooks and start cooking from them! Here you'll find recipes to try before you buy another one yourself!
  • Sarah Wilson blogs about her experiences with autoimmune disease and includes a range of fun and new recipes to help others who are looking for direction to manage similar illnesses. I love the information she provides about the effect different foods can have on the body. 
  • Smitten Kitchen is my top source of food porn. It's full of why-can't-I-reach-through-the-screen-and-inhale-that-right-now recipes, which you can make with ingredients you'd already have at home. 

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