Friday, 21 September 2012

human rights meditations: a conclusion

So... 30 weeks (plus all the ones where I forgot to post), and we're at the end of the human rights meditations series. I hope it's been thought provoking and encouraged discussion with those around you. It's been good for me to meditate on each article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to take 5 minutes out of my week and really think about how each plays out in my own life and the world around me. 

A GIANT THANK YOU to all of the artists who supported this series by sharing their art: 

And now a recap... If you're interested in looking back at the posts here's the link to each of them: 

If there's another topic you're interested in having a series on, let me know via comments below or email! Note that I'm going to need some time before I venture on another 30+ week series like this one! Let's aim for something smaller this time!

Kate xxx

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