Wednesday, 22 August 2012

i bought a thermomix.

I bought a thermomix. The only other time I fell this hard was when I met Kym. It really is wonderful. For those who haven't heard of the thermomix before, here's a vid that shows what it does much better than my gushing:

Why did I buy it? 
  • time saver
  • money saver
  • space saver (we've been able to put six other appliances up for sale, and our tiny kitchen is much happier)
  • aids us to make all our food from scratch (including grinding grains to make flour, almonds to make meaal, rice to make milk...) so less additives/preservatives
  • aids us to make all our skin care products from scratch (less chemicals)
  • long lasting (these babies are made to use every day and last for 20-30 years) 
  • ethical production (German steel, all but the screen is made in France) 
The thermomix is going to be especially great for all those things I say I never have time for, like making bread, relish and lip balm. I'll also be demonstrating for interested peeps in little adelaide from September 7. 

I'll be continuing to share thermomix facts and recipes on little adelaide kate, but for now I'm going to go and make some red onion relish! 

In the meantime, if you live in South Australia and are interested in having a demo, email me at you can also find out more about the thermomix via the official website and check out recipes at Tick of Yum

Kate xx


  1. Well done, I bought one recently too. I love it!

    1. :) The goodness just doesn't stop! I keep finding new things to make with it... which reminds me, I must start posting some yummy spoils!


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