Wednesday, 20 June 2012

wedding wednesday: the outfits

The big day has been and gone and I'm left with many great memories and a wonderful husband! We had such a wonderful day, some of the bits which I'd like to share with you - I'm not going to tell every detail, but I am keen to share how we made the day "us" by upholding our values and ethics for a genuine and ethical wedding day.

Today we're talking outfits.

The dress was my mothers, which was 
  1. sentimental
  2. free
  3. a perfect fit
  4. vintage! 
The most popular question to this was "Did you alter it?" and my answer is YES. But not a lot. We altered the sleeves from a medieval inspired winged look to cap sleeves, and hitched up the train so that my clumsy self couldn't trip on it! However, I was keen not to pull it apart and lose the authenticity of it. 

Kym's suit was also vintage, which he bought online. After much struggle trying to find the perfect outfit, he wound up buying one from a shop in the UK! Not great for clothing-miles, but we still preferred to get something vintage delivered to having something newly made (and it was still MUCH cheaper than having a new suit made). Re: wedding ethics, you'll find in the coming weeks just how important re-using up-cycling is to us- it's all about having as little negative impact on as many people (and as much of the environment) as possible. 

For shoes, we both wore Toms- a lovely ethical shoe company which has a "buy one, donate one" policy, where for each pair of shoes that you buy, they donate another pair to a child in need. We both loved knowing that when we made the purchase we were supporting a good cause.

My crown was made by the lovely aussie designer, Jen Booth. She previously ran under the business name "South for the Summer" and has now moved from making leather headpieces to using her name for designing and making the most adorable leather lockets. Jen used a tiny piece of lace from my dress on the headpiece, and it's soooo sweet! It was lovely to support an Australian designer and have the bonus of a one-off headpiece!

Update: Earrings by Katrina Weber, another Australian designer with serious skills! 

So... what did you/would wear to your big day? What was/is important to you in picking an outfit for the big day? Did you look into vintage/ethical purchases?

Kate xx


  1. I've been looking forward to seeing photos :-) I love the minimal alterations you did :-) I didn't look into ethical purchases however did go for sentimental so wore a necklace that my husband gave me for my 21st, my mother's veil and a hair piece that a friend sent over from Turkey. Definitely adds that little 'touch' :-)

    1. Thanks :) I know what you mean about the sentimental value of your wedding gear- How lovely is it that every time you look at your wedding photos you'll see that necklace and be taken right back to your 21st and your journey with your husband!

  2. You both looked stunning and I also love your uniqueness and dedication to your beliefs. Inspiring.

    1. Thanks Neen :) You are a fab dancing buddy :)


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