Friday, 11 May 2012

what's your take on animal rights?

I've been wondering, what's your take on animal rights? I stopped eating meat about 6 years ago, but took up fish again about 2 years back due to health reasons.

My motivation is less about animal cruelty than it is about the impact commercial farming of animals has on the environment through the release of gases, stripping of land and unnecessary waste. When I started eating fish again I was more concerned with potentially eating ocean caught fish than I was about farmed fish, due to the dwindling numbers of sea life in our oceans.

I read this article that got me thinking. PETA (a controversial animal rights organisation) in the USA have submitted a civil lawsuit against Sea World claiming Sea World engages in animal slavery and mistreatment of animals. The argument from Sea World's lawyer isn't that the animals are being treated fairly, but that the lawsuit is void, because animals weren't included in the document that abolished slavery in the US and thus, the animals don't have rights. It's also interesting that PETA's rebuttal is that of a comparison to the treatment of African Americans and Women prior to slavery being abolished. Read the article in full here.

What do you think?

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