Friday, 6 April 2012

before & after: trellis and passion fruit for a "living" wall

Hi lovelies,

Today I'm sharing another project that Kym and I started working on back in January, but have only now finished! Last year we decided we wanted more of a "living wall" look in the back yard, and part of this was to add some height to the retaining wall with a trellis for yummy passion fruit vines. Here's what we started with:

We used unused trellis, stakes that we already had lying around, and the nails and tools we used were originally my grandparent's- the only financial cost was for the plants (totaling $22)! Now, I must warn you before you see the after shots: as we used the materials we already had, the trellis doesn't completely match. I actually think this is kinda cool, because once the passion fruit vines take over, you wont be able to notice the difference- it's like a cool little quirk I can smile about!

Here's what it looks like now:

I'll keep you posted with pics as the vines grow over the trellis.



  1. This has made me think about what I am going to do under my pergola... I want to put a vine up using something growing from a few different plant pots, but had assumed I would do matching ones- it does look kind of cool with different pots. Any reason why you chose a passion fruit vine? I am umming and ahhing about which type of vine I should put up...

    1. Bah! I had replied to this weeks ago but it clearly did not upload... weird!? Anyhooooooo... We picked passion fruit because we're aiming for a primarily edible garden in the back yard- PF's are green all year round and the flowers are STUNNING. However, if you aren't wanting something edible I highly recommend Wisteria, Jasmine & Honeysuckle- all lovely (Wisteria is my absolute favourite, but I need the right spot for it as it's very bold)


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