Monday, 20 February 2012

world day of social justice: get informed

Today marks the fifth World Day of Social Justice, as adopted by the United Nations in November 2007. The hope of the UN is that this day will be used as a way to promote global issues such as poverty, exclusion and inequality. Today is a good reminder for us all to get informed and involved in important issues. Below is a list of other blogs around the world which are a good reference point for you to start getting more informed about such issues.

  1. The Sparrow Project promotes projects for social change across the globe. It's a beautiful celebration of the positive steps people are making in their local communities toward a better world. 
  2. The UK Human Rights Blog has a regional focus and is written by a team of law professionals at a well respected office. It shares updates on legislation and court rulings that relate to human rights. This blog is especially interesting if you'd like to learn more about what is taking place in developed countries. 
  3. Amnesty International Australia Blog shares updates on human rights issues locally and around the world. If you don't live in Australia, I recommend following the blog of the Amnesty office for your country/region as the updates include those related to region-specific campaigns.
  4. Foreign Policy Association Blog covers a range of policy issues, with a large number committed to humanitarian affairs. Super informative and can be searched via region. 
  5. The Human Rights Doctorate Blog is targeted at PhD students researching human rights, but is super informative for others interested in rights and social justice issues. Articles can be a little long, but well worth it. 
If you know of other relevant blogs, please leave details in the comment box below.

If you're interested in getting involved in the discussion on human rights, join us in the Human Rights Meditations series right here on little adelaide kate

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  1. Already realised I forgot one: Share The World's Resources is a fantastic opinion blog about global issues- really gets me thinking:


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