Monday, 13 February 2012

giveaway: i quit sugar e-book by Sarah Wilson

Today we've got a life changing giveaway (and I'm not exaggerating) - a copy of Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar e-book

You've seen Sarah's familiar face before. Sarah is an Australian media personality, journalist and blogger. She’s the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, was the host of the first series of MasterChef Australia, currently hosts and developed Foxtel’s Lifestyle YOU, and is a commentator and fill-in host on Channel 7′s Sunday Night, The Morning Show and Sunrise and The Ten Network’s Good News Week and The Project.

What you may not know is that a few years ago Sarah faced unexpected health issues which led to many an experiment to find a lifestyle that met her needs. She slowed her pace and identified what wasn't working for her. One of the "you're not helping" factors was sugar- it played with her energy levels, mood and clarity. After trying a few different ways to "quit", Sarah found a method that worked for her.

This is where the I Quit Sugar ebook comes in. IQS tracks an 8 week guide to quitting sugar for those on a similar sugar-induced-roller-coaster that Sarah found herself on before she quit herself. Here's what you need to know about the book:

  • IQS is written in a non-judgmental and super kind tone. It's not intended to make you feel bad about yourself.
  • It's not a diet. It's about trialing a different way of eating and making changes toward a lifestyle that meets your needs.
  • You don't need to be addicted to donuts to need to quit. While I eat a lot of "good sugar", I have still found myself 'not coping' without a spoonful of honey here or there. For me, IQS has been about re-balancing and assessing if what I eat is really what my body needs. We can all do with less sugar.  
  • If you give IQS a shot, you'll be cutting out fruit for a period of time as you detox and re-balance. This freaked me out a little when I first starting reading it, but after a week without fruit, I'm finding the benefits of increasing my nuts/protein intake into my diet (instead of always reaching for sugary snacks). Note: fruit is reintroduced later!
  • It's not another Dr Atkins low carb/high protein diet, but it will lead to eating more low GI foods. 
  • It is possible to do this on a vegetarian diet, but you do need to leave the house prepared! (this was my main concern, but I'm learning: not eating meat does not justify eating twice as much sugar!) 

Sarah is offering one reader a copy of the I Quit Sugar ebook, valued at $15. 

I've been giving it a go and I can tell you that after a couple of weeks I'm noticing a huge difference on the days I don't eat sugar versus the couple of days I've succumbed to it! I'm also learning about being kind to myself when I do find a half eaten chocolate bar. I'm learning to make changes at a pace that works for my body. 

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below that finishes this sentence: "Life is sweetest when..." 
GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Friday 17 February 2012 at 8pm (UTC +930 hours)
CONDITIONS: One entry per email address (include your email in the comment form so I can  contact you!). Winner will be selected at random and published as an update to this post in the morning the day after the giveaway closes. Head right back here on Saturday 18 February to find out who the winner is! 

Find out more about IQS & other lifestyle tips and tricks on Sarah's blog

Good luck! 

18/2: Congratulation's Lizzie!! You've won the prize and were selected via We'll send you your prize via email.  Thanks to all who entered the comp. I've got another comp coming very soon!!! 


  1. I'm doing this, which is shocking as I eat ALOT of sugar! I'm feeling calm and balanced which is surprising as I thought I would just naturally think about getting a sugar hit all the time, which is what I use to do. I'm 1 week and 3 days in and managed to resist malteasers so there is hope! Plus I'm doing this while at home full time with little to distract me from the fridge! Good lick to all those who jump on this sugar free experiment.

    1. Good work, especially being so close to the fridge! It really does make a difference, and I don't think you realise just how much until you try.

  2. Life is sweetest when you eat good quality food in smaller quantity!

    1. this is definitely a lesson I need to learn!

  3. Life is sweetest when you're sharing a meal with loved ones

    1. Congratulations Lizzie, you've won! And soooo sooo true... it's all about who you are with

  4. Life is sweetest when your in the midst of doing what you love with whom you love...


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