Friday, 2 December 2011

south for the summer

Just wanted to share a designer find from the recent Bowerbird Bazaar whose hairpieces I truly adore: 

Heidi Crown in Cream Leather

Jen of South for the Summer makes beautiful handmade leather hairpieces. They are uber chic, with a little whimsy on the side. Jen favours feathers and dyed leather. For a girl who is more lazy-conscious than fashion-conscious I can tell you that with one look these headpieces won me over. I, "The girl who swore against headbands", has found her match and will will never make a large call about accessories again.


  1. oh you are too too kind! i love that you are more lazy-con than fashion-con and still love my things. that's the best compliment ever!thanks for the blog post... warms my heart and reddens my cheeks!


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