Thursday, 24 November 2011

where do (organic food) babies come from?

Grow Your Own Food, black onesie Baby Bodysuit
Grow Your Own Food Onesie by Happy Family, via etsy

Why hello there, Food Lover. Restaurant Extraordinaire. Foodie. It's good to be in like company. What's that? No, no, I'm not pregnant, that's a food baby. I had quite the meal last night myself. The food was so good I very nearly foodgasmed. Multiple times. Bliss.

While I'm on the topic of food (and I've got you all worked up) click over to the Biological Farmer's Association's "BFA Guide to What is Organic" and keep those food babies smiling. As a food-baby-mama myself, I know it's important to know where our "little ones" come from and how good healthy organic food can be.

More info on organic goodness at the BFA website.

Kate xxx

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