Wednesday, 30 November 2011

things that make you smile...

Sausage dog pencil case or zipper pouch. hand embroidery in blue with rockets linen cotton blend fabric
Sausage dog pencil case by Edward and Lilly. Handmade in Australia & available via etsy. I heart! 

On Monday I was grumping around in front of an art gallery with Neenish Arts. Waiting for someone to unlock the front door (or at least put a closed sign up). Frederik, an adorable sausage dog (owned by the gallery owner) wandered over to the door, tail wagging. I smiled. All was forgiven. Sausage dogs. They always make me smile. Every time I see one I think of Toy Story. (Isn't the pencil case above so very toy story? Complete with space men falling with style?) 

How about you? What is something small that, every time you see it, you stop and smile? 

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