Monday, 7 November 2011

little adelaide clearinghouse

You know you're a grown up when...
  • You are so excited about getting a skip that you tell everyone about it, every single day for a week before it arrives.
  • You dream about gardening. 
  • You choose to stay out late in the garden instead of out with friends. 
  • You ache and whine the following day because your unused muscles are aching. (You make groaning noises whenever you have to get out of your chair)
This is me. I am now lying on the couch, with a wheat pack on my neck, feeling sore yet satisfied about all the green waste I've cleared from our front and back yard. Life is good. 

And there's more where that came from... 

But right now I'm going to take a break and have myself a cup of earl grey and reheat my wheat pack. We are on our way to garden greatness. I swear we are. 
I'll have more room in our regular green bin tomorrow to finish the last bits and pieces that didn't fit into the skip we hired. (I hired a skip that I knew would be slightly too small because I was too cheap and stubborn to hire the right sized one. I fit more in than I thought I would. This was thanks to four hours of jumping on the top of the skip to break down the green waste. You're welcome, entertained neighbours. The pleasure was all mine.)

Once I've finished clearing the garden I'll be starting some landscape plans. I'll share these once I've put a few ideas together. 

What's been your latest "Wow, I really am a grown up" moment? 


  1. Thanks Janeen! I'm just waiting for my old, neglected muscles to recover and I'll be all over this garden!


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