Thursday, 3 November 2011

bowerbird finds

WOAH. Bowerbird Bazaar was huge this time round. Busy, busy, busy... so many people and soooo much to buy! I always leave wishing I'd saved for months before, just to buy something from every stall holder! For the mean time, I'll share my favourites:

Wild Horses - Lime and Mustard
Wild Horses by Delilah Devine. Available via etsy. 
Linda Marek of Delilah Devine uses reclaimed vintage materials and traditional techniques to create home and wearable art. Linda's philosophy is "to make beautiful things that don't hurt anyone" and she's committed to running an environmentally sustainable business. As a print artist, I really appreciate the thought that has gone into designing the shapes of her pieces, as well as the elegant embellishments here and there. They are simple, nostalgic and I want one of everything. 

Lichen Kemp & Jitske Wiersma of Sunday Morning Designs use a range of illustrations by Dylan Martorell (the partner of one of the lovely women!) to create the most ah-dorable prints you have ever seen on a pillow case, doona cover, scarfe, stationary... Lichen & Jiske are committed to sustainable production and use local materials, small, independent, manufacturers, eco inks, recycled paper and vintage fabrics.

Honeycomb collar necklace by Megan Perkins. Via her website
Megan Perkins is a jeweller who works with vitreous enamel. She hand forms and fires her creations in a hot kiln in a valley south of Hobart, nestled amongst the forest, overlooking a bending river. Metal and powdered glass is transformed into bright, glistening wearable jewels. I adore her honeycomb range and am already convinced I need something from it for the wedding! 

Slot Rocker by Sami Immonen. Available via We Are Collective. 
The Slot Rocker is a creation by Sami Immonen. It is a refreshing interpretation of a classic rocking chair and is made using a mix of traditional and contemporary materials and manufacturing processes. The Slot Rocker is very eco friendly and super comfy (I tried it). I want one. Nay. I need one. Maybe two. If I have to birth a child to get one of these, I will. Well... I'll at least nurture my food baby until someone believes me and buys me one.

Kerry Scheen of Linogirl is an illustrator or designer who works with porcelain, creating wearable art, vessels, sculptures and paintings. Her art is stunning and simple. It carries you away to a simpler time and place. Kerry creates her art just out of Melbourne and works on pieces that can be passed down the generations.

    Thymena - art doll plush
    Thymena Art Doll by Hannakin. Available on etsy.
    Hannakin is run by Hanna Mancini, artist, crafter, and other-world extraordinaire. She works with felt, vintage hankies, thread, textured paper... Hanna has a gift for bringing out the best from different worlds. Her art is the stuff I'd buy for a friends child, only to keep it for myself and get them something else on a chocolate run. I  LOVE her art dolls. They make want to play like a kid again. 

    screen printed cushions
    Natural Linen Cushions via Thea and Sami. Available on their website.
    Thea and Sami are an adorable husband-wife team who design and screen print natural fabrics. All their inks are water-based and toxic-free and their fabrics are natural and organic- body and home friendly. I love their use of bold colour and design and have my eye on a couple of the cushions. Now to convince Kym that we NEED them... Mwah ha ha ha ha..... 

    *All images are via artists. As such, if you'd like to re-post any images, check with the artist first, not me! 

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