Wednesday, 12 October 2011

wedding wednesday: the ring

This is it! Thanks to Utopian Creations for the photo

Without becoming "that bride", I've decided to blog semi-regularly leading up to our wedding with what we're learning about ethical weddings. Today, I'm going to start with the engagement ring Kym gave me.

Kym knew well before he proposed that I had major issues with the idea of having a ring that contained "new" diamonds and gold that were mined unethically (sometimes by small children, who should be being educated and living in a safe home instead of risking their lives just to make my hand sparkle...). Sooooooo when it came the time that Kym decided to take the leap, he contacted Ben, a lovely guy and ethical jeweler at Utopian Creations, and they went about designing and sourcing materials for an ethical engagement ring.

Before I tell you about the ring, here's a few things you should know about Utopian Creations:

  • UC uses 100% recycled metals & vintage or sustainably/ethically mined gems and diamonds for all their jewellery
  • All UC's jewellery is hand made in South Australia
  • The studio & store is run on 100% wind power; the walls are painted with eco paint; all materials used in the making process are animal free and earth friendly ( including polishing compounds commonly made from animal fats- the harshest chemical used is from the baking aisle at the supermarket!); the work benches and tools used are all hand made or re-purposed
  • All the packaging is recycled and recyclable

Kym chose a vintage diamond with a hybrid cut. This style of cut was only used between about 1890 and 1920-1930 (it may even be an antique). They also used 99-100% recycled white gold and Ben created a stunning ring with a semi art-deco vibe.

I heart it. It is beautiful, looks perfect on my hand, and best of all, Kym went to the trouble to organise a ring that was unique, ethical and me. It was incredibly romantic (as was the proposal in the vegetable garden... he's lovely). I love that the diamond has existed before me in others lives and that our love story will be one part of it's long journey where it will continue to mark the love of others.

Plus, it's super comforting to know that Kym and I have supported a local business that is committed to ethical jewellery production in every aspect of work.

What does this mean for you, my lovely readers? Well, aside from having a very happy blogger who is constantly looking at her nice left hand and smiling while she types.... I'd like to challenge you to be thoughtful about your jewellery purchases in the future. There are many options to buy ethically, including second-hand, vintage, antique, re-modelled, fair trade...

So, that's it for wedding talk this week! If you have any ideas about ethical and creative weddings that you think would be good to share, leave a comment below or email

Kate xxx

ps: this weekend is the engagement party! more on this next week!


  1. I really really love it! So beautiful and thoughtful.

  2. love all the thought that went into this ring, so romantic & conscientious!

  3. It's so lovely! I love how it's all earth friendly and what-not! Happy to have finally seen it, can't wait to see it in person though! A very inspiring ring (if you can say that). Go Kym!!

  4. Thanks lovelies! I love knowing that there's no 'guilt' associated with the ring :)


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