Wednesday, 28 September 2011

before & after: makeshift curtains

The curtains in our spare room have been bugging me since we moved in. The pattern is ugly AND they don't even cover the window when drawn.

On Sunday I had enough of looking at them so used some old material to make new ones:

The new curtains are far from perfect (the hem on one has been sewn on the wrong side) and they still let a lot of light through, but they are much less offensive to the eyes and will tie us over until the day comes that we want to fancy-up the room a little more. (I'm much more a fan of blinds, so we may rock that next time)

Any little home projects you've been up to lately?

Kate xxx

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  1. Yay! I hated those curtains too! And the gap that let the light flood through in the morning when I'm hung over and trying to sleep it off :p well done!


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