Monday, 4 July 2011

The Happiness Files: Finished Art

Today I finished a piece of art that I have been working on for two years. It's been a huge frustration, and I'm still not crazy about it, but today after adding a few touches to it, I decided it was finished. How freeing it is to just. let. go. of something that I've been perfecting for so long. I'm super proud I stuck with it when at times it was not a very enjoyable project and I've learnt some new skills on the way. Where my job is full of 'wicked' problems and recurring conversations art has a clear beginning - middle - end. I love the pride and satisfaction that comes with knowing I have completed something beautiful.

Once I had the pic in Photoshop I had a bit more fun with it:

I love the different moods Photoshop can add to my photos and illustrations, and I love seeing the different stories a picture can tell. I have a feeling this lady is from a children's fairy tale, but I'm not sure which one... maybe it's from a story not yet told?

What's in your happiness file today?


  1. YAY Kate I love it! Finally! I know how you are feeling right now after being around during the process at certain stages lol!
    And the original of the pic is the best one :)


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