Saturday, 25 June 2011

to ride or not to ride [to work], that is the question...

bicycle tee by CICLE (via A Cup Of Jo)

Ride to work day is looming upon me and I'm trying to motivate myself into training for it. So, here's my pro & con list for getting on the Ride to Work bandwagon and starting a new routine:


  1. less emissions (better for the environment)
  2. less cost (petrol, car service, wear on tyres...)
  3. more exercise
  4. tighter butt and thighs
  5. one less car on the road in peak hour!


  1. it's winter
  2. it's wet
  3. it's cold
  4. i'm not a very experienced or confident rider
  5. i don't want to

Hmmmm not such a strong case in the con department, is it... but still, it's so much more appealing to sit in the heated car!!

Think I'll start small and just get a bit more confident riding my bike locally.

Meanwhile, I'm keen to know, how do you get into good routines?

Kate xxx

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