Monday, 6 June 2011

gettin' artsy y'all [insert 'heavy metal' hand signal here

In a bid to follow through on my 2011 new years resolutions, I've dropped down my work hours to four days a week, starting TODAY! That's right, today is the beginning of a new life, one where I never get grumpy, I wash my hair and finish things I start. That may be a lie. But, in my defense, I did wash my hair this morning.

I've been working on some new art for my etsy shop and thought I'd show you some of the ideas. These pieces are not for sale (yet), but if my cunning plan [see above] works, I will have some new pieces up in the next week or so [in this instance, the word "so" is used in place of "year or two"].

Here's a lino cut I've been working on:

Apologies for the reflection in the glass. I have learnt my lesson and will never again photograph any of my art with glass still in the frame (unless someone has a neat photography trick they can share with me). There's some more text I still need to cut, and more colours to experiment with. 

And, here's my first mash-up of an idea I'm working on. The idea is to use mixed media to create some cute, simple and affordable art for the home, using vintage fabric, aerosol stencils and experimental stitching. I'm looking forward to using some gorgeous vintage fabric from a deceased 30's sofa once I'm feeling more confident!

 Good so far, but think I deserve a tea break... 


  1. Kate! Did you do this today the stitching one? It's lovely! I also do like your lino print :)
    So which day do you have off now? I'm excited for you!

  2. Thanks Janeen! I did the stitching one last night while watching tv :) I've got Monday's off- yay!

  3. cool! Where did you end up finding the embroidery ring thingys?

    and I thought afterwards its obviously Monday LOL what a goose

  4. he hee... I bought the embroidery ring from Spotlight, but I'm almost sure you could buy them cheaper in bulk somewhere else- still, they are only a few bucks each.


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