Wednesday, 4 May 2011

two more sleeps

until holidays! I'm taking next week off work and Kym and I are spending a few nights at Port Elliot, land of amazing baked goods.

I haven't really recovered since the shingles saga, and have had a few infections since (I'm currently rocking the "cotton-buds-in-both-ears" look) so I'm looking forward to a break.

The funny thing about holidays is that leading up to it, I find myself in a constant state of "just hanging on". Just hanging onto the routine. Just hanging on to the growing pile of washing. Just hanging on to not eating an entire cake in one sitting.

This is the state I'm in right now. Just hanging on to the hope that Saturday morning I can sleep in until midday.

Today I made a decision not to just hang on. And yes, there were several falls in the day, primarily in the form of easter eggs and Arnotts vanilla cream biscuits. There was also a bit of complaining about the tingling body and ringing ears. Aaaaannnd there may have been one or two nasty emails. But the point is, I decided to make the most of the day. I finished my list of tasks at work, cooked a "proper" dinner (also known as anything-but-2-minute-noodles), journaled and even did 10 minutes of pilates (before my body returned to it's previous state of tingling).

I rewarded myself with bread and butter pudding.

How do you get yourself out of a "just hanging on" slump?

Kate xxx

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