Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Self Care Series

Greeting Card - You're All Sorts Of Lovely
uber-adorable greeting card by Able and Game
Due to yet another bout of sickness, I've been thinking a lot about looking after myself, or as coined in my field (social work), ‘self care’. For those who have been following my journey for a while, you may remember the recent shingles, ear infection etc etc etc. With another run of antibiotics in my hot little hands, it’s time to sort my body out and get back on track.

To help me along, and share my learning on the way, I’m writing a series dedicated to self care.

This blog is about living creatively and ethically so first I’ll tell you why self care is relevant:
  • living creatively is about shaping a lifestyle that meets your individual needs
  • living creatively is about recognising your individuality, your strengths and your passions and pursues them
  • living ethically is about avoiding burnout by acknowledging your limitations and making the most of what you have
In short, living creatively and ethically is a sustainable way to shape your life because at its core is self care. It’s looking out for yourself, your environment and others in different coloured glasses.

I'll be back tomorrow with my first post in this series on self care in relationships. 

In the mean time, how do you look after yourself? 

Kate xxx

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