Sunday, 10 April 2011

the return of new years resolutions...

Hi lovelies,

With the turn of season and a third of the year gone, I'm wondering, how are your new years resolutions going?

I've just revisited mine and I think I'm on the right track. Here's some of my successes and challenges so far:

Limit my giving and my wardrobe to homemade, second hand or fair trade items
Well, the only clothes I have bought this year have been from the local second hand store, however.... [boys, close your eyes and ears] I am in desperate need of some new bras and while it's quite easy to find fair trade socks and underwear, these babes are a different matter. I've only been able to find one underwire set on the net but I'm not convinced, so am holding out for a miracle. Any ideas? 

Make our home more environmentally sustainable
Not to blow my own trumpet (although that's exactly what I'm doing) but Kym and I are really proud of where we've come this year. We're working on our raised veggie beds: 

And we have just had our solar installed (however await a new fuse box and a visit from ETSA to get it working... we'll be up and running in May) 

Commit more of my time & energy to creativity
Hmmm... I've opened the etsy store and thanks to the shingles saga, I had a couple of weeks basically to myself to spend on creating. But the big news is that I'm (fingers crossed) changing my working hours in May so that I can spend more time on my arts. That means more prints, more cakes, more posts. Send a wish out for me that this all goes through. 

Well that's me! Tell me, how is your year tracking? Have you abandoned your resolutions? Have your goals changed? 

Kate xxx


  1. I've heard that Pleasure State are Australian owned & fair working conditions, but I haven't looked into it myself, might be worth some research!

  2. Thanks Laura, I'll have to look into it!

  3. hehe when I was reflecting today, I thought about my resolutions and thought I should check on my progress. But I still haven't! LOL
    So I will comment again probably tomorrow...
    however I am super impressed with your raised bed garden - is that a watering system I can see in it? If so super dooper impressed! If not, well, its still impressive! :p
    I cannot assist on the bra issue... so good luck with that! But I will keep eyes and ears open. Fingers crossed your work hours change for more fun creativeness AND you still need to organise another arvo! xx

  4. He hee... thanks Janeen! It IS a watering system. Snaps to Kym for that one (he did an amazing job, and I was no help whatsoever). I WILL organise another mending/art afternoon! Thanks for reminding me!

  5. Kate, I believe with much sadness that I have lost my list of New Years Resolutions. The list I wrote with you and Erin!

    I remember having a good list this year! Now I'll never know if I achieved what I wanted :(

    Can you remember any of them?

  6. Oh Kendelle, NO! Hmmmmm... I'm sure there was something in there about budgeting, exercise, success (the usual) but can't remember anything in particular... sorry!


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