Sunday, 3 April 2011

100th post + GIVEAWAY

Good evening ladies and gentlemen & welcome to my 100th post! 

little adelaide kate was birthed on August 16th 2010 with this post. I've loved sharing my life with you and hearing about how you are working to live an ethical and creative life too. 

Some of my highlights in the posts so far have included my (fluke) successful vegetarian chilli recipe, the four-part give series and discovering the ethical consumer guide iPhone app. How about you?   

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I'm offering a giveaway from my new etsy shop. Just leave a comment saying what you'd like to see more of in the next 100 posts and you can go in the chance to win your choice of ANYTHING from the shop. Closes Wednesday 6th April 2011 @ 5pm (GMT +9:30hrs). I'll announce the winner later on Wednesday night! 


Kate xxx


  1. I really loved the give series - it made me think not only about giving but also receiving. I would really like to see another blog series like this one. I'm not sure what topic on though! But I do like things that make me re-evaluate my views.
    I also love seeing things in your Happiness Files and would like to see one of these maybe once a week/fortnight!

  2. Kate, what a great start to your etsy shop. Hope it goes really well and your creative and ethical side continues to grow and reach the world.

  3. I love the chalk board door! Have more on the chalk board door. I want daily updates on that chalk board door!

    Also.... more Kym! Perhaps a quote from Kym each month.

    love your work,

  4. Gorgeous artwork Sweet Berry!

    I have loved following your posts. You inspire us all to be positive and think outside the square. Keep those Happiness Files coming!

    Love always,

  5. I love reading what you think about, keep that up! I also love someone's idea of getting Kym randomly involved, that would be cool :)

  6. Well the one about the wonderful women in your life would be my all time favourite! I love reading anything you write..... Since you were sick with chicken pox and wrote that amazing story in year 2! I was watching parent hood and the cool mum was talking to her daughter and she said she was in Awe of her daughter and I thought that is what I should of said at our mother daughter interview. Love your work!


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