Saturday, 5 March 2011

I got the shingles.

enter: language warning (sorry mum)

Shingles. Fucking Shingles.

This discovered yesterday after a week of pain and an emerging rash. Worst part? Kym has never had chicken pox and wont go near me. Fair enough, grown up chicken pox is worse than grown up braces. Still, I could go a cuddle.

The experts say that shingles can arise in response to stress. Well. I do have a couple of major projects on at work. But I'd hardly say they're shingles worthy. So why?

I need to learn to stop.

So, here's my plan for the next few days: tea, pie, baaaaad television and rest. Mostly pie.

Kate xxx


  1. Holy Moly! Are you itchy?
    I wonder how you caught that? Some snotty nosed kid at work probably lol...

  2. bad words, bad word.... but oh so itchy and as long as nobody thinks I taught you them I will excuse you just this once!


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