Monday, 14 March 2011

Cringe Remedy

Today is a public holiday in little adelaide, so Kym and I spent the morning in the garden on a couple of projects.

This is what I worked on:

Ugh! I'm almost too embarrassed to show it to you. What you're looking at is a tree- well, the remains of a tree- that dominates our front yard. It's an eyesore, but Kym forbids chopping it down because it provides valuable shade to our bedroom and it isn't worth the money or time it would take to remove it. While he's right, I'm running out of explanations for our guests as to why it looks the way it does. I think it was once a proud wattle, but now it's a just stump with a bunch of stubborn trunks scrambling toward the sun.

This morning I decided it was time to stop glaring at it from across the yard and do something. So, I cut off all the smaller branches and the 'mess' on the bottom half and placed some potted succulants around the stump. I think I may be onto something. While it's far from finished (I now have grand plans to collect more succulants to position around the tree) I think it is much improved, don't you?

(Please ignore the piles of cuttings in front and behind the tree, I got bored when it came to the cleaning up)

Kym finished the holes I started digging two months ago and positioned our new garden beds in the backyard. There will be many more blogs to come regarding these as we're planning to use them as vegetable patches. We bought the frames from here.

And now I'd like some advice. Below is a picture of a broken chair that I'd like to use in the garden. I was thinking this corner of the garden could be a good spot for it but I'm not sure what I want to do. So far my ideas have been to pot some lavender underneath so that it can grow through the seat hole (just so I can call her Lady Lavender) or to create a bird bath. What are your thoughts? I'd love some new ideas!

Kate xxx


  1. oh Kate I like your Lady Lavender idea! Its perfect! And dont forget about your tea cups too that you can place around :)
    I think what you've done with the front tree is fine! I think it just needed a little bit of TLC
    Jealous of your productive weekend! Your house is going to be the envy of the street soon!

  2. I agree the lavender idea is lovely or even a hydrangea would look lovely and they are old fashioned plant that suits the seat...

  3. Kate my love! The tree looks a hundred times better. I would avoid doing anything more, you don't want to over do it. Less is more :P

    As for the chair, you could totally get a pot the perfect size to slot into the hole and plant whatever you like it it! would look superb.

    I too am awfully jealous of your oh-so-productive long weekend.


  4. Thanks ladies! Now another question.... should I paint the chair a different colour?? Hmmmmm so many decisions!

  5. i like original weathered state

  6. Hmmm thanks Janeen, seems to be the general consensus, think I'll leave them alone!


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