Friday, 18 February 2011

The bin to end all bins.... My bin. My love.

Get prepared for the most boring post. Ever. And I mean it.

For Christmas, Kym's parents gave us a voucher to this store and we bought ourselves the cutest little bin you ever did see. We (Kym) installed it into the kitchen a couple of weekends ago and it was all I could talk about for the following week. Well, that and the jam.

And now that I have used up all my opportunities to gloat to my little adelaide friends, I'm preying on the only people I think might still listen. You.

If this bin were a cupcake it would be decadent chocolate. If it were a garden it would be full of surprises. If it were a dancer it would lead swan lake, effortlessly gliding out to the main stage, the white swan holding all the graces of recycling, and the black swan carrying the very essence of compost. My kitchen is slowly becoming a haven of organised, contained bliss.

etc.... etc..... etc.....

I love my new bin. Can you tell?

Kate xxx

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