Saturday, 1 January 2011

Welcome to a new year

Hi Lovelies,

Happy New Year! How was 2010 for you? I'm happy to say that I achieved some of my resolutions, like avoiding burnout, buying some lovely white wines and hosting a number of art days for friends. So far, 2011 is looking even better. I spent New Years Eve with Kym's sister and her partner in the wonderful McLaren Vale (where we stocked up on local wines & cheese) and saw the year out with a movie and a cup of tea.

Here's some of my new years resolutions for 2011:

  • Limit my giving and my wardrobe to homemade, second hand or fair trade items (improving the ethics of my spending)
  • Make our home more environmentally sustainable (solar power, insulation, edible garden)
  • Commit more of my time & energy to creativity (meaning working less... eek!)
  • Nurturing positive relationships (remembering the people I love)
  • Spend more time outside (gardening, snoozing, wandering)

Kym tells me his NY resolution is to become a pro wind surfer (he's decided to skip the wishy-washy amateur level), but think's he might just watch some TV instead...

What are your plans for the year?

Kate xxx

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  1. Your New Years Eve sounds lovely! I love McLaren Vale it is so beautiful, better than the Barossa.
    I don't think I have ever made resolutions before this year but this year I plan to
    1. Contact my grandparents more often
    2. Work on developing my artistic skills and knowledge (including more art exhibitions, theatre/plays etc)
    3. Be a good mummy and supportive girlfriend to my partner (well I'm always supportive but I can always improve on things lol)
    These were my resolutions but after reading yours I've realised I've forgotten all about trying to eat more organic foods (including purchasing and growing) so I better add that considering I technically started trying in November but haven't been too successful so far :)

    Good Luck with your new resolutions I think you will achieve them definitely! You need a hammock for that outdoor snoozing!


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