Monday, 13 December 2010

Tried & Tested: soapnuts

Hi lovelies,

If you've read my "about" page you'll know that this blog is really about creative & ethical living. From time to time, I'll recommend services or products that meet my idea of this lifestyle.

Today it's the soapnuts I bought from MarionLife. Here's what I love about them:

  • fair trade
  • 100% natural AND biodegradable (you can use them for 3-4 loads of clothes washing & when you're done they go in the compost bin!)
  • hypoallergenic, perfect for the allergy prone (Kym & I!)
  • easy to use
  • economical ($20 for enough soapnuts to last six months!)


Kate xxx


  1. Cooooooooool!
    Have you used them yet yourself?

  2. I think I asked a silly question - this blog entry is titled 'tried and tested' and you wrote also 'they work!' So... I think that answers my above question whoops.

  3. He hee... Yep have definitely tried them, and they don't just work, they do an AMAZING job. Everything is super clean and soft, and the best thing is they don't leave that chemical smell that a lot of cleaning products do. My clothes just smell, well... clean!


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