Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Oh Christmas, how I love you and your shortbread!

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was incredibly busy, filled with food and tradition. We celebrated Christmas with my family for Christmas Day lunch, and spend the evening with Kym's family and some close friends. (I can't call it dinner, because we could barely eat by then!)

Here's some pictures from the day. One of my family's traditions is for 'Santa' to hand out the gifts. My grandfathers took it in turns until it became too difficult for them. My aunt, Susie, happily took on the role. She is a hoot, as you'll see in the pics. But what I really want to know is, what's one of your favourite family traditions?

And a couple of my first shots from the Nikon D3100 Kym bought me.... Best. Present. Ever.

I'm off now to grab a few nibbles for a party we're having tonight. Theme? Drag in Vegas. Kym is going as Elvis. I'll post a few pics tomorrow of the before (to prove my house started clean), during (to highlight costumes) and after (to get some sympathy for all the cleaning I'll be doing tomorrow!).

Love Kate xxx


  1. You got a camera for Christmas!!! AWESOME :) Nice work Kym Nice work

    I love the pic of Santa looking buggered on the couch hehehe

    My family tradition is for the extended family to get together on Boxing Day but it was postponed to today this year due to rain, my Ma was in hospital over Christmas and my aunty hurt her leg and was in hospital (and I can't be there this year either) :( It can be a rather large event considering my Ma has 22 GREAT grandchildren, not everyone can go but it usually is a grand occasion with all the woman cooking and preparing a variety of salads and desserts (my fave being pine nut salad mmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

  2. Wow! Sounds like am intense Christmas for your family. Pine nut salad sounds yummo though!


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