Tuesday, 21 December 2010

little adelaide kate: Domestic Goddess, December 2010

*Insert applause and wolf whistles*

"I'd like to thank my parents for bringing me up 'right' and my dear friends for listening to me on those hard days. I'd like to thank my darling partner, Kym. Without you the work just wouldn't be there... It's been a tough month, with all the Christmas celebrations to attend, but I've worked *tear* so hard. It's fantastic to be recognised for this. It's a job that often gets forgotten. So thank YOU, my dear fans, for voting for me this month. You are my light and my life and I wouldn't clean the house without you."

Today I...

  • raked the garden
  • did four loads of washing
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • mailed a letter
  • washed my hair
  • read a book on green cleaning
  • baked a pumpkin & rhubarb pie (recipe to come)
  • bought a hammer and hung a couple of pictures
  • found the electric drill & put up a couple of pin boards
  • donated goods to the local op shop
  • returned three (overdue) library books, and 
  • started reading Oprah's "Big Book of Happiness"

Just thought you should know.

I also bought some materials to experiment with lino cut.

sheekart @ etsy

Kate xxx

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